About EurAsia Heart Foundation

EurAsia Heart represents a Swiss Medical Foundation based in Zurich. The foundation was established in 2006.

A team of Swiss and other European surgeons offers international collaboration on a voluntary basis in the following areas:

  • Cardiology
  • Cardiovascular surgery
  • Anesthesia
  • Intensive medicine
  • Preventive medicine

This pool of doctors works on a rotational basis in the participating hospitals so that the necessary continuity at any location can be guaranteed.

The main aim of EurAsia Heart is:

  • To adequately treat patients who do not have the financial means to pay
  • To reduce the death rate for cardio-vascular diseases
  • To improve basic operating procedures
  • To train medical personnel in relevant specific fields
  • To introduce a self-learning and –teaching system
  • To secure necessary funding
  • To save lives

EurAsia Heart Foundation is not an emergency rescue operation but rather is envolved in continuous training, teaching, collaboration and prevention.

EurAsia Heart Foundation does not provide financial aid for “hardware”, i.e. buildings or technical equipment but rather “soft skills” like knowledge, experience and skills in diagnosis, therapies and prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

In addition, EurAsia Heart tries to help improve interdisciplinary knowledge in treatment of cardiovascular diseases that involves eg infectious diseases, hygiene, data collection, data analysis and more.

As the activities of EurAsia Heart Foundation have come to the attention of numerous experts, a high number of enquiries have been received from Eastern Europe and Asia.