About ten missions for cardiology and cardiac surgery have been taken place in 2015 and so far until the end of June 2016. Again, numerous patients have been treated by cardiological interventions (stenting), have been operated or received interdisciplinary consultation about their best possible treatment.

Mission in Myanmar

Since the beginning of our cooperation, the numbers of cardiovascular surgeries have tripled. Even more important, however, is the dramatic reduction in operative mortality even though more complex patients with more difficult to treat lesions have received surgery or cardiological interventions.

Nowadays, all kinds of adult cardiac surgery procedures can be carried out at the department of cardiovascular surgery at Yangon Medical University, including composite-graft replacement of the aortic root, Tirone-David-Operation, aortic surgery at the level of the ascending aorta or the aortic arch; even thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysm can successfully be managed. In addition a large number of adolescents and adult patients with congenital heart disease get successful treatment. The waiting list of patients now extends up to July 2018!

Aside from education and teaching, EurAsia Heart Foundation provided hardware and software (including heart-lung-machine; echocardiography, cannulas etc) as well as devices and implants for millions of Swiss Franc, donated by industry, individuals and by hospitals in Switzerland leaving a huge amount of material to EurAsia Heart.

A new operation bloc with 10 modern operating theatres has been opened at Yangon Medical University 1. The staffs have been up-graded and a lot of young doctors and nurses compile a promising team.

The next steps at Yangon Medical University consist in teaching and education of a new and young generation of cardiac surgeons. The cardiology department has an experienced group of physicians covering all aspects of cardiology such as diagnostics, catheter intervention or electrophysiology.

Aside from the Yangon Medical University 1, there is the Yanking Children’s Hospital in Yangon, the only one caring for congenital heart disease in patients