Assistance from Switzerland for children with heart disease worldwide

EurAsia Heart Foundation consists of a group of European physicians, led by Swiss surgeons, who offer international cooperative assistance on an honorary basis in Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa, in the areas of cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, anaesthetics, intensive care and preventative care.

Even when EurAsia Heart Foundation is no longer actually present, the «helping to help yourself» approach it embraces enables local teams to continue applying their newly-acquired knowledge and skills, which allow them to treat the full spectrum of their patients.

In Switzerland, every child with cardiac disease is given heart surgery – but in the countries where EurAsia Heart Foundation operates, this currently happens to only one in every 5000 such children! With your support, we can change this. Thank you so much!


Every contribution makes a difference; every contribution saves lives and gives hope to children with cardiac disease and their families.